Posted by: Marge | February 7, 2008

QUOTABLE – On Religion

I just ran across these poignant quotes in a blog post on d-C by CarriedTheCross:

Religion is not the root of all evil, it is simply a vehicle that is convenient for evil.”

” I understand the psychological drive to believe in something transcendent. I recognize that many of the Christians I know are driven by their faith to be compassionate and socially responsible. Churches run soup kitchens and homeless shelters. And while I can come side by side with my religious friends in these regards, I am not going to back down from challenging the justification for their tightly held beliefs.”



  1. Is crochet a cult then?

  2. If knitting is a religion, one could say crochet is a cult spinoff.

    One hook, under yarn, with creativity and patterns for all.

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