Posted by: Marge | February 15, 2008

THE Wackiest Person I Have Ever Known

Author’s Note: It’s cool that Mr. Lady does special birthday posts about the most adored people in her life. I want to be cool like Mr. Lady so I’m doing it too (though not nearly so profoundly). Monkey see, monkey do. Ah, but imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Joshman is THE wackiest person I have ever known. If you knew the type of weirdos I hang with you would understand that I am really saying something here.
He is:

  • the ringleader of the Keepers of the Cheese
  • the co-founder of the CLF
  • just as much to blame for the Great Conspiracy as I am
  • driver of the Opel
  • fan of the Cubs
  • THE tie-dye king
  • self-proclaimed Jedi of the dark brown side
  • evil schemer and plotter of world domination
  • father of the young child who keeps his soul in his foot
  • a brewer of fabulous malt beverages
  • sensei to the Lemon Ninja

We go way back, back to my formative days and just ask my mother, he was a very baaad influence on me! He listened to the satanic musical brainwashing of Genesis and They Might Be Giants, he introduced me to video games like Red Ball. Had she only known that he was also the pole that kept me balanced as I crossed the tightrope of adolescence from freshman to graduation, she might have been a little more forgiving.

Many years his birthday has come around and I was not able to wish him well. Those were the dark years with only small shafts of light like the trip to the Royal Gorge and fuzzy memories of binge-drinking and watching Dogma and Fight Club on that bright red sofa. Ah but this year the sun shines fully on us and we even speak to each other from time to time.

So dude, to THE wackiest person I have ever known – to the friend that I have most to thank for my twisted appreciation of life’s most absurd and whimsical moments, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


 This is precisely why one must never feed the aminals!
Yes, that’s a bona-fide HyperColor shirt folks!


  1. Happy birthday Josh!

  2. *I* have a copy of one of Josh’s stories that is not only signed by him but written in his handwriting.

    I feel fabulous now.

    Oh, and look at me in that picture of Josh from high school!

  3. Cool. If it’s one I don’t have in my collection, I’ll trade you for one of Brian B’s origianls or a poem by JD.


  5. Hm, maybe I’ll have to publish some of the jewels from my originals file. I’ve got a little from damn near all of you! (even you Mr. Lady)

  6. Yes, but am I not still forbidden to know of Brian? And will someone tell me WHY already? *peers evily at Josh*

  7. I forbade something? I’m sure I had some sort of obscure and ridiculous reason for it… I have *no* idea what that might be.

    Besides… all of you keeping all of this Josh memorabilia… I feel like I’ve got my very own ‘Joshman Historical Committee’

  8. I’m pretty sure every one of us would be embarrassed to admit just how much of the schlock from that era we are unable to throw away.

    Oh, and a correction – it’s the Joshman Hysterical Commitee — did you see the comments in the ‘Names’ tab?! How does it feel to have a fan club eh?

  9. Your blog link generated incredible hits here – some from peeps that I haven’t talked to in ages, but do you think any of them so much as said hi? nota one. 50 shameful lashes with a wet dead goat hide noodle for them! (I’m lookin’ at you JD & Bob!)

  10. […] Not your normal Christian. I was, too. Bygones. Her mother was afraid of me and her other friend, Josh. Because we listened to Sonic Youth and Genesis. (PS, I love her mother like I love few other […]

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