Posted by: Marge | March 14, 2008

Meme Challenge #004

Last week was good. It was also a glimpse into the neurosis of my favorite Libras. I took away from it some good tips, some have come in handy already.

TOPIC: Product Testimonials – In each of the following places, what is your most-beloved item or product? Why should I have one too?

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Car
  • Desk/Office
  • Garage / Yard

Nobody really likes infomercials, do they? But when a good friends tells you about a product that has changed their life, you think twice.

Kitchen – I love my stove. I’ve said that before so I won’t bore you again with it’s fabulous features. Other than that, it’s the little things that make a difference. I am a lifelong convert to all things OXO. Their designs have form and function and have never let me down. The spice grinder jars are my favorite!

Bathroom – I have really sensitive skin. This body wash is perfect.

Bedroom – If you don’t have one, go buy a Sleep Number bed. Now. I’ll wait for you….
… seriously, it’s as good as they say. I’ve had mine five years and still lovin’ it. If you have a sleep number bed, please leave me a comment with your sleep number and your noogie number.

Laundry Room– Everybody has their favorite laundry products and are not likly to budge. The reason I love my laundry soap? The nifty spigot on the massive family size keg. It makes this chore so much faster and easier.

Car – Or in my case, Jeep. My Jeep has this cool little feature with radio controls on the back of the steering wheel.

Desk – My Crackberry. If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand. 

Garage/Yard– I love all my power tools; table saw, mitre saw, jig saw, router, recip. saw, drills.

Tag, you’re it!
Your post can be as simple or complicated as suits you.
The only rule is that it be useful information that you pass along.

Post the topic, your answers and these instructions on your blog.
Try to keep you answers concise and link to sources or more information whenever possible.
Remember to leave a comment at #004 so your post gets included on the Meme Challenge List.


  1. CONFESSION: I was off to a real good start here – and then, right in the middle of this post … UPS arrived with my baby Nikon! It’s a wonder I came back to finish this at all. Now I have all these other posts to write. Ta ta.

  2. […] Marge’s meme challenge for this week was too good to pass up, however.  I was going to wait until next Monday to post it in keeping with my little theme, but if this chic has taught me anything, it’s to do what I want. TOPIC: Product Testimonials – In each of the following places, what is your most-beloved item or product? Why should I have one too? […]

  3. I’m not so good at the whole products thing but I think this stuff is useful!

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