Posted by: Marge | February 25, 2011

Clearly, I’m not Irish

For you, Miss Lavender Luz.

I once thought I had it together
I had planned for all of life’s weather
Now with husband and son
No housework gets done
I think sometimes I wasn’t so clever

My Contest Entry


Family is just what you make it
You can love what you have or forsake it
When you’re loved by your friends
You can take what life sends
If it’s real love, you’ll never mistake it

On the subject of contests, go on over to GreebleMonkey and vote for your favorite photo!


  1. These are fantastic and I love you SO MUCH for entering :-)

    Such truth in your words, too. Are you able to work in the name of a blog or blogger?

    *dodging your wrath*

    • Um, *biting lip* I just now went and read the actual rules. Ok, so I didn’t work in the name of a blogger – wait, in the limerick or just in the post? Hmmm. I’ll have to noodle that. And I screwed up the “only one” rule too. I think the second is the better of the two though. Ok, how about this – you delete my linky submission and I’ll do a comments submission instead.

  2. Both limericks are great.

    • Thanks Erica!

  3. oooh I like yours!!!!!!!!

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  7. Thanks for finally talking about >Clearly, Iím not Irish | Marge In Real Life <Liked it!

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